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5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For the Mentorship Program

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Abigail Yeboah

I remember being in my first year wishing I had someone to help and guide me through this new world that we call University.


I had trouble adjusting to University life, which led to me become very depressed. At a point, I even considered leaving Carleton to go home because I felt that I couldn’t do it. I had given up and lost hope. That was until I met an upper year student who was studying Law at the time. She became my mentor. She was always there for me, if I needed advice or if needed help on my assignments. She became my go to. After that I noticed so many positive things were happening in my life. I began to be happy again, my grades had gone up, and in the midst of all that, I made a new friend. This is why I believe mentorship is not only important because of the various knowledge and skills that one can learn from the mentor, but it also provides one personal support which can help them with their future successes. This is why YOU should join the mentorship program.

1. Great way to get involved (You can put it on your CCR and on your resume)

2. Get to meet new people in the same program as you *** Wink wink** – Great for networking

3. Advice: It is an amazing feeling to get advice from someone who is in the same program as you (For example, this could be advice on what classes one should take or how one should deal with a specific problem)

4. Coaching: A mentor can be a great coach (They can coach you through things like organization, time management, how to write an essay, resume help)


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