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5 Things My Dog’s Instagram Taught Me

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Heather Polson

I started this Instagram account out of the blue because I enjoyed taking photographs of my dog, and I wanted to save them and share them all at the same time. What other option is better than creating an Instagram account!? I figured that there would be a few followers including my friends and family. However, within a couple of months, the numbers were growing larger and larger. These are the 5 things that I had learned while being in charge of this upcoming Instagram account that is still growing in numbers.


1. How difficult it is to make up something to say with a great photo

Either the photo says it all, there are too many options, or not enough. Sometimes they just speak for themselves, but I can’t just leave the titles blank…      #thestruggles

2. How demanding it was when starting up the account. 

When it was decided to be serious about the account, it became much more difficult to make sure that I had the videos or photographs on my phone and that they were good enough to post. (At this time I had no idea what the people wanted to see, besides my dog)

3. How many photographs and videos that were needed 

Having to take every photograph and video a couple of times, then having to decide which one to use, even when they are so similar, but the little things that can make the difference. Then taking that photo and see if it needs any editing. Which one to choose, which one to choose?

4. How difficult it is when there are so many languages you don’t know. It is often that there is someone that speaks other than French or English. 

AWKWARD!! I had to get some help from a few friends and Google Translate. I want to make sure I know what is being said on the posts. (no spam on my watch)

5. How supporting the community is.

A place where you can ask for help from others and something you are passionate about, and they are as passionate as you are.

When the pit bull ban was becoming a serious threat in Montreal, I went to Instagram, to the dog community, and any other animal lovers, and they showed so much support and was really into helping out so that we could stop the ban! You could feel the love from across the world on the internet. Also helping out some dogs to get adopted, or to help out the charity to help the center that my dog came from!

BONUS: How fun it was going to be!

My dog enjoys it, and I enjoy it, as well! It’s a great way to spend time with my dog, especially because she loves the attention.

If you want to check out her profile here is her username! @molly_mtl

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