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An Open Letter to my busybody uncle: “Why Communications?”

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Oluwakemi Priscilla Obando

Dear Uncle,

At thanksgiving last week, you asked me what I was studying in university and I said Communications. Soon after, you proceeded to pin me with the stare reserved for vermin and asked me, Why Communications? At that moment, I was flustered by incredulity of your question and my thoughts were swallowed up by Sissy’s blabber on the fascinations she found in her Engineering courses. Finally, I am here today to answer your question.

Why Communications, you ask? I am studying Communications simply because I want to understand the methods, modes and reasons as to why human beings have interactions. I am studying Communications because I want to learn about how individuals connect to each other mentally, emotionally and socially. I am studying Communications to be able to predict and create social phenomena. To be able to understand why relationships fail, why celebrities are becoming demigods and why Donald Trump, though a sexist, racist and elitist is gathering fame and ultimately, votes. I am studying Communications to help me be a better public speaker, one that would one day stand up and run for the elections. I am studying Communications to enable me be the best public speaker, the one in the crowd not afraid to question the individual running for elections. I am studying

Communications to understand how with the click of a button on social media, someone’s life can be doomed or saved. To be able to answer the scary question of whether humanity is being lost to media gadgets and social connections are being replaced with wi-fi. I am studying Communications to become a scholar, a teacher, a communicator intimate with translations, and most importantly because I love it.

So you see, uncle dearest, I am studying communications because it is interesting, versatile, challenging, not because I didn’t get into the law program or because, or because it is an easy out and I don’t know what to do with my life. I am not confused about my choice to learn about communicating in the community with the help Communications, I am happy with, and proud of, my choice of a program.

Sincerely, Your soon to be Comm graduate niece.

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