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April Exam Season

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Catherine Johnson

As the semester is coming to an end, most of us have exams, papers and deadlines on our mind. Exam season can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re not taking care of yourself properly. As a student, it is easy for our emotions to take over. When our emotions take over, we forget to: eat, sleep, drink, relax and do things that make us happy. Here is a check-list of things to do each day in April to ensure a healthy mind and body this exam season!

1. Drink and Eat properly

It can be a tedious task to eat and drink properly during exam period, as exam days consist of long hours usually spent at the library or in a coffee shop. Each night, before you go to bed, pack a lunch and fill up a reusable water bottle. Pack snacks and meals with high protein, such as: eggs, cheese, milk and ground beef. These foods will make you and your mind feel better and more attentive.

2. Sleep properly Sleep is one of the most important things a human body needs. Don’t insist on staying up all night to study the night before. Instead, try and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Your mind preforms better on more sleep, and you will feel better also.

3. Do something fun each day as a productive break

Exams can be stressful and tiring. Take an hour out of your day doing something you enjoy. Whether this be watching your favourite show on Netflix, going out for lunch or shopping, our minds need to take a break from the stress and doing something we enjoy will make our studying more productive.

4. Exercise 

Whether you go to the gym every day or have never been in your life, exercise is a healthy and great way to relieve stress. Whether you go on a run by the canal, go on a walk, do some yoga or go on a bike ride- exercise releases anxiety and stress, making your emotions calmer. I recommend exercising anytime, but especially when you’re feeling at you worst. I guarantee when you’re feeling stressed, the exercise will help.

5. Communicate with others

Communication is very important. If you are feeling anxious and upset this exam season, talk to someone. Whether this be a friend, family member, professor or anyone you feel comfortable talking to, this conversations will help you realize that grades aren’t everything and to focus your time and energy at succeeding your full potential.

Good luck studying everyone! Remember – grades don’t define who you are. Try your best, hydrate, eat, sleep, have fun, exercise and talk!

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