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Catch Up With CUSS: Mentorship Social is a Success!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Sable Frey

Carleton’s Communication Undergraduate Student Society kicked off their mentorship program on Thursday October 12 with a mentorship social at Rooster’s! Doors opened at 8:30pm and CUSS executives welcomed over sixty mentors and mentees to the social!

Mentorship participants were filled with excitement, surprise, and even a bit of nervous energy when they learned that they would be playing a match-up game to find their mentorship partner! Mentors and mentees were each given a name from a well-known duo or trio, then they had to search for the other people with the names that belonged to the group. For an extra challenge, name tags were placed on participants’ backs – we hope you came ready to mingle!

Roosters’ was quickly filled with mentors and mentees scavenging for one another. Everyone was socializing and working together to help each other figure out their names and find their pairs! Once Fish and Chips had been reunited and Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica were back together, mentors and mentees were able to sit down, enjoy some snacks, and get to know each other! Mentorship pairs were able to discover the things they had in common beyond Communication and Media studies. The room was alive with discussion ranging from school, hometowns, hobbies, and all aspects of university life!

Mentorship Director, Abigail, took time to welcome and thank participants for coming to the social and being involved in CUSS’s mentorship program. Abby has a passion for mentorship and is looking forward to an amazing year with CUSS’s mentorship program!

The mentorship social event was incredibly successful; CUSS welcomed its most mentorship participants yet! Mentors and mentees have let us know that they enjoyed meeting each other through a fun and engaging game, and they are excited to get to know their mentorship partner throughout the school year! CUSS would like to thank all those who came out and contributed to the mentorship social! We’re looking forward to an incredible CUSS mentorship program this year!

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