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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

For the second year in a row, CUSS has put together an incredible night to not only celebrate communication students but to acknowledge the fabulous facility and alumni that make our degree possible.


Hosted by the Marconi Centre, Jake Robillard and his amazing committee came in extra early to make this event the biggest one of the year. The theme this year was Hollywood, which included: red, black and gold themed decorations all throughout the venue. They also set up a designated photo area which had a fun Hollywood Sign in the background.

The tables were decorated with white cloth and centrepieces that worked around the Hollywood theme. They were small bags of popcorn with a lantern placed inside, brightening up each table. The tables were labeled with classic movie titles like: The breakfast Club, Avatar, Fight Club and a few others.

The night began with a small cocktail hour, where everyone began mingling, checking in and cashing in their drink tickets. Everything was coming together and by the time the evening began, everyone was already generating an amazing, positive atmosphere.

Around 7PM, the speeches began. The president, Megan Damini and Jake Robbilard spoke about what a great honour it was to not only be on this year’s CUSS executive team but thanked the teachers, alumni, venue and fellow students for coming to support and celebrate communications.

Awards were given to faculty members, chosen by the students. These awards were fun awards that may have described the faculties’ personality, their style or teaching methods. They all deserved to be thanked for their hard work shaping the lives of many people in that room.

Then, dinner was served. Well, we served ourselves. This year, a buffet style of dinner was introduced. The food included: salad, potatoes, deli meat, chicken, pasta and steamed vegetables. There were also other options for vegetarians and vegans. The meal came with a stuffed pepper filled with rice, other vegetables and either cheese or no cheese depending on your dietary needs.

Following dinner, the real party began. Thanks to our amazing photographer Troy Curtis and DJ, Cam Hooey, we finished the evening with an abundance of dancing. We filled the venue with incredible music and the night continued until everyone was danced out.

Near the end of the night, we offered a “midnight snack.” Which included Kernels popcorn, a staple for a Hollywood themed event, if I don’t say so myself. We offered 3 flavours but safe to say the Carmel one was a huge hit. We also offered an arrangement of deserts that were both sweet, savory and was the perfect end to the amazing food we were offered. There was also a fruit platter but I noticed everyone usually reached for the cake over the fruit, I know I did.

Overall, the success of the Gala was thanks to the entire Executive team. Working together as a unit to make sure everyone who attended had a memorable evening. Knowing that at least one person went home happy, truly makes all the hard work that much more meaningful.

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