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Joining CUSS

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Catherine Johnson

As we’re at the half way point of the school year, CUSS elections are not far away. In April, the CUSS executive team will have new faces added to their team and saying goodbye to memorable executives, who have dedicated years to this organization. While it may seem like a long time away, I’d suggest getting involved with CUSS sooner rather than later, as you can make meaningful relationships with new people and make connects with executives beyond the interview. Here are 5 reasons to join the CUSS executive team this year!

  1. Friendships

Feeling like you only know a few people in CoMS? Want some study friends or even people to sit with in class? Well, CUSS is the perfect opportunity for you. I have met all of my best friends through CUSS. The reason why these people became my best friends is that I spend so much time with them. On CUSS and in class, the friendships I have formed have helped me when I’m stressed and make me smile every time I see them.

1. Networking

CUSS provides students with the opportunity to network with professionals, as well as Professors. In first and second year, I would always be a little shy to ask my professors questions in person. After being a third-year rep, I have made meaningful connections with my professors just by making announcements. Now, these professors always say hello to me in passing, which makes me feel connected like I was in high school.

2. Hands-on skills

Event planning, social media, finance, public speaking and more, you name it and CUSS provides you will the opportunity to work on life skills that look pretty good on a resume!

3. Organization

From bi-weekly meetings to events, my organization skills have never been more efficient than it is now. I plan ahead for CUSS events, as well as my personal life and academic work.

4. Making a difference

It may be hard to feel like you’re making a difference in University, as Carleton is such a big campus and it can be difficult to have a voice. Being a part of CUSS has made my University experience meaningful as I plan events, provide opportunities and make University simply more than just academics for students.

If this appeals to you, definitely think about joining the CUSS executive team in April! 

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