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Professional Development Conferences. What are they?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Gabriella Taekema

The answer is that there are different small events in a certain time frame that is centered around a certain profession.  When you go to a professional development conference, you will arrive and register. There may be workshops, panels, keynote speakers or networking. Workshops are there to equip you with new information, best practices, and new skills. Panels have a few professionals talk about their experiences and answer questions. Panels are uniquely beneficial to conference goers because they offer many difference perspectives and insights in one event.  Keynote speakers offer more depth than panels. Networking at a conference is especially useful to grow your list of contacts because there are exponentially more people to network with than a regular event.

But there’s more than that. Professional Development Conferences offer:


All the material, insight, speakers and resources are there to help you learn more about your profession. Take advantage of the opportunity to further your professional knowledge and grow from others experiences. You would be surprised how much you can learn from others successes and failures. Resources like: market insight, new practices, case studies, workshops, new tools, and exemplars are all valuable learning tools.


You can network with other professionals in your field, which will give you important connections and open up new opportunities. You don’t have to network with just professionals in your field. Sponsors and vendors of the event can provide valuable networking connections. Additionally, you can meet people who you have interacted with on social media in person. You’re able to put a face to your name on social media, expanding your network and leveraging your digital network.


Going to a professional development conference is showing commitment to your field. Your employers, future employers, other professionals and recruiters will see that you are interested and actively engaged in being the best you can be. Conferences are also refreshing and motivating. Hearing other experienced professionals share their passion can ignite your own!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a professional development conference HERE, today!

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