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Why I Joined The Communications Undergraduate Student Society

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Maia Vautour

It is my favourite time of the year, election season! If you have ever considered joining a student society, and you are passionate about the Communications program, CUSS is the perfect place for you! It is never too late to get involved on campus and to take an opportunity that will help you advance in your academic career.

I joined CUSS in my first year and it was the best decision that I made in my undergraduate degree. Looking back, CUSS has given me so many opportunities that have helped me land my government job. If this sounds intriguing to you, here are the reasons why you should join CUSS.

1. You’ll find your COMS pals

Although the executive team is big, we are truly a family. Executive members such as Bella and Oriana have helped me with assignments, readings, quizzes, etc. These girls have truly saved my GPA and are always my shoulder to cry on. My fellow CUSS execs are always the people that I find myself sitting within the class and collaborating with at events. A benefit that comes from CUSS is having friends that share a passion from the program and that will offer to share notes with you (such lifesavers!). I am very proud to share my degree with student leaders that can lend me a helping hand and that inspire me to succeed in my future career.

2. You’ll gain networking opportunities

Besides gaining my closest friends, CUSS has also allowed me to maintain relationships with others that have helped me throughout my undergraduate degree. CUSS has offered workshops that teach skills such as how to successfully navigate Linkedin, networking with professionals in various communications fields, and how to prepare for an interview. Also academically, professors and CUSS execs are constantly reaching out to each other to plan communications events to integrate students into the professional world and to help successfully recruit new students into the program. Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Supervisor Irena Knezevic helped me land the role of being a student ambassador for the Faculty of Public Affairs.

I am grateful for the relationships that I have built with communications professionals, my peers, and with the faculty of communications and media studies. After all, our club’s slogan is “Create, collaborate, and connect”. I truly believe that we embrace this slogan every day.  

3. You’ll gain leadership experience

In addition to being a year representative, I can also call myself a blogger and a mentor. Through CUSS, I have gained leadership experiences that add a boost to my resume. I have written and published numerous blogs and have improved my writing by doing so. Also, I am a mentor for two communications students that are in the first year. I also helped to plan two of our Communications galas.  These skills have added value to my resume. My Co-Curricular Record, resume, and Linkedin has never looked more polished

4. You’ll gain career skills

Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have gained various employable skills outside of the classroom such as the capability to work in a team, public speaking and writing, and resume building and interview skills. These are skills that some students tend to struggle with when they graduate and attempt to find a job. Luckily, CUSS has you covered!

If you have made it this far, you can see how passionate I have been about CUSS for the majority of my undergrad. Thank you to CUSS for helping shape me into who I am today. If you have ever considered running for an executive position, I highly recommend that you apply. I hope to see you take on a role on the executive team.

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