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Why Instagram is Important in Marketing and Communications

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Community Listening

Community listening means that you watch what your target customers  like and don’t like. You get feedback in the form of  comments, likes, reactions and shares. Community listening lets you get in on fads such as rolled ice cream, new nail trends, and viral hair cutting videos. You get to see what viral videos your audience likes and deconstruct what makes them so popular.

Increase Consumer Engagement

With new features like Instagram stories, multiple picture uploads, story tags and hashtags, consumers can be more engaged with your brand than ever. It also means there are more opportunities to get your content in front of consumers.

Additionally, social media lets you engage with your consumers. Instead of a one way channel, like traditional media, social media has a two way flow of communication. Your engagement can be increased through your interaction into consumer’s spheres.

Build and Nurture a Community

With hashtags, mentions and stories you can collaborate with other businesses and create a community of businesses and consumers. Social media is unique in the way that it communicates. Social media has two way communication channels between businesses and consumers. With this two way street, it is easy to connect with consumers and build an online community. This community is important for sharing your content, making connections and growing your brand recognition.

Find New Clients

Location tagging and hashtagging makes it easy to find and reach new clients. There are 500 million monthly active users on Instagram as of June 2016. Potential customers are there and an effective campaign can drive them toward your business.

More Leads and More Closes

Social Media has a higher lead-to-close rate than traditional media. What does this mean? More sales for you!


Instagram makes it easy to have your brand shine through its platform. Your brand is how your customer sees you. It’s the first impression to new customers and the reason that long time customers keep coming back. Instagram allows for your branded content to come across your followers and also potential consumers. Comments and likes allow your brand to interact and shine on a personal level to users.


Good quality, engaging content rises to the top in Instagram. While this may be a reason to outsource your social media, it also means that well executed social media  can give your brand a boost in visibility and in brand recognition.

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