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Why LinkedIn Is Important

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By: Gabriella Taekema

With the Communication and Media Studies LinkedIn workshop around the corner, it’s time to take a look at why  students need to be engaged on LinkedIn.


The Biggest Professional Networking Platform 

LinkedIn boasts 433 million members, making it the biggest professional networking platform in the world.(1) While it may lack snapchat dog filters, it is not lacking in professionals that are looking to engage and grow professionally in their field.

Establishes Connections 

LinkedIn is great for connecting with professionals in your field. It’s a platform where your peers and connections can share content that is relevant to the workplace. Articles are great for learning about new topics in your field or in areas of interest. Not only is there great content being shared by your peers, but your connections on LinkedIn give you a professional network eager to contribute to your field. With your LinkedIn network you are able to ask questions, see events and job opportunities. Also, you are able to see your senior connection’s career history. This gives you the ability to see how they got to be that awesome *insert your dream job here.* Looking at your role model’s career history can give you a list of skills and qualities you need to master, and also give you ideas on other roles you might not have known about.

Alerts You to Job Opportunities

Gone are the days of scrolling through job websites trying to weed out jobs that barely pertain to your field. LinkedIn recommends jobs that directly match your profile. LinkedIn’s job app also gives you job opportunities that match your expertise but are ones you may not have thought about before. Lastly, the best way to find a job is to have a connection to the employer. Your network will share jobs and send off your resume to their hiring managers. Instead of having to beat out thousands of job applications, your resume will be sent straight to the hiring manager.

Builds Your Personal Brand 

Google loves LinkedIn. Don’t believe me? Google someone who has LinkedIn and see where their LinkedIn profile shows up in the search results. With a LinkedIn profile that ranks high in search results, prospective employers get to see a professional profile as one of their first impressions of you. It also allows you show more of you than a traditional resume. While it is not a substitute for a resume, it is a helpful tool to show other professionals and recruiters who you are. Your profile shows prospective employers news, companies, and schools that you are following, along with skills and endorsements that you have. You are able to control one of the first impressions recruiters have of you.

Look into prospective companies 

Passionate about working that sweet internship at that great media company? With its follow feature, LinkedIn gives you updates on job opportunities, company news and tells you how you are connected to its employees. The follow feature is helpful for both your resume and your interview. You will be able to get an idea of who will see your resume through looking at the company’s employees, (kiss those “To whom it may concern” introductions goodbye) and you will be an expert on all the company news so you can ace your interview.

There are so many more functions of LinkedIn. Go make an account to find out for yourself!


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