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Why You Should Attend COMS: IRL

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Next week, CUSS is holding the first ever Communications Professional Development Conference. Along with a LinkedIn workshop, professional headshots, and free food, there will also be a panel of communications professionals from all walks of life. They will be there to talk about their education, their careers, and advice they have for university students looking to break into the professional world. If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s why you shouldn’t miss this fantastic opportunity:

  1. With panelists from the private and public sector, from companies such as Amazon, Banfield, and CTV, there’s sure to be someone there who peaks your interest and can help inspire you while you’re thinking about your own future.

  2. If you have no idea how to work LinkedIn, don’t even have an account, or have an account but don’t know where to start, then the LinkedIn workshop is the perfect event for you! Learn how to network on the platform easily and effectively, while remaining professional. Watch your professional network grow!

  3. Professional headshots can be expensive and hard to book, so why not come to COMS: IRL and have one taken right then and there! Free with your purchase of a $5 ticket for the conference, you’ll have a professional and business-friendly photo for all your professional needs!

  4. Finally, one of the best parts of coming to CUSS events is having the chance to spend some time with the other people in your program! Come hang out with your friends, meet some new people, and have a chat about that class you find really interesting, or where you’re interning for the summer.

We can’t wait to CU on Tuesday!

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